classes can be online and/or in my studio with further guidelines after bookings.

Yoga and TRE have proven to be great tools to have during these challenging times and the regular classes I offer have been very well received.

My name is Ans Olislagers. I have been a student of yoga for over 40 years and a yoga teacher for more then 20 years. My practice is based on the concepts of Hatha yoga that I have developed and built on.

I have my own purpose built, fully equipped studio in Green Bay. I love teaching and passing on my passion for yoga, the ancient wisdom of India, in a very clear and simple way for all to enjoy and benefit from, hoping to make a difference in peoples lives and through that making the world a better place.

After completing four years of teacher training I started my first job teaching at a High School in Holland, which was very challenging. During this time I began practicing yoga and found it very beneficial to release tension. Yoga has been part of my life ever since. Through all the ups and downs life offers, yoga has always been my passion, inspiration, the one constant and a great way to stay focused, calm and experience life fully, taking responsibility for my health and well being.

By practicing and teaching yoga for all ages in private classes and small groups to maintain individual attention, I see for myself the daily benefits one can experience.

But life brings its challenges, sometimes even overwhelming experiences and stress levels can rise for all of us.  From my own experience and observing others it is not easy to lower that. So when I got introduced to TRE in 2012 and started using this process regularly, noticing big and amazing changes in a short period of time, I was adamant to share TRE with others as I do with yoga. TRE for me brings me back home, where there is peace, clarity, hope, enthusiasm, more energy, muscular tension reduces and it calms down the nervous system.

Yoga and TRE are wonderful gifts I love to share for all to benefit from and to make this world a better place, so peace, good health and well being are possible in this life. I am now a fully Certified TRE Provider and offer private as well as group sessions.

Phone Ans to begin your journey, embracing yoga and TRE along with all it’s benefits …

For more information contact Ans:
phone: 09-8177099

Green Bay,  Waitakere
Auckland, New Zealand

Email: ansjeoli@gmail.com