Yoga gives you quality time out.  Going within, to find through your practice, that inner calmness.   It is a wonderful way to look after your health and well being, quite often preventing and otherwise supporting you with difficulties along the way.   Through the various postures become strong and flexible so the energy flows through better and all bodily functions benefit from it.   As our breath is often too shallow you learn to breath better and as a result de-stress and relax.

(Times may vary)

Monday evening;  7.30 pm

Tuesday morning; 9.00 am
Tuesday  evening;

Wednesday morning; 9.00 am (50+ class)

Thursday morning; 9.00 am
Thursday evening; 6.45 pm

Friday evening; 5.45 pm

Classes are 1.5 hours long with maximum 12 students per class, for sufficient personal attention. It is recommended to take at least one class per week.

General classes
For beginners as well as those who have been practicing for longer.
Work at your own level.  We can also learn from each other.  From experience, students from 12 years onwards can attend.

There is a 5 week programme.  Rotating sessions that focus on back bends,  forward bends,  shoulders,  hips  and restorative/relaxation time.  Equipment is used to assist with postures and to work towards correct alignment.

50+ class
For my more mature students, who sometimes need to adjust their practice.  We slow down and stay with the more basic postures.  Often using extra equipment for support.

Private classes
Can sometimes be helpful for orientation or confidence building before joining general classes. Helpful to focus on a specific part of your practice.   Also useful  if experiencing other issues.

For more information contact Ans:
phone: 09-8177099

Green Bay,  Waitakere
Auckland, New Zealand